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For the prevention and treatment of oral diseases, a great amount of people choose the healthy and harmless toothpaste when brushing teeth. While, clay toothpaste in the market today come in distinct styles, and functions. so how to choose the best one maybe is your first job.

Our toothpaste holds effect of friction and removing plaque, cleaning polished tooth surface and making you feel relaxed. Also, our toothpaste contains anti-allergic drugs, in view of the tooth allergy symptoms, can be relief. At the same time, our toothpaste holds a comfortable aroma and taste, you must feel so cool after using. Of course, it is in a good quality and a nice price which can satisfy your need.

If you want to know more detailed information, just keep reading and choose the best one. Hope you will be satisfied with my selections here.

Top Recommended Clay Toothpaste

Redmon Earthpaste Natural Toothpastec 4 PACK!!

Most brands of toothpaste contain foaming agents like SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and chemicals like titanium dioxide to make the paste bright white, not earthpaste.

Expert Advice
  • “My kids love the lemon flavor and wintergreen is my favorite!” – valerie sexton
  • “I have tried many different all natural, fluoride free toothpastes…this brand is by far the BEST!!!” – Mrs. Lisa M. Schinagel
  • “It leaves a wonderful clean feeling in the mouth.” – Tree

Earthpaste - 3 Pack - Assorted Flavors - Peppermint

We wanted a toothpaste that was as natural as possible, so we started with hydrated Redmond Clay and added Xylitol, essential oils, and Real Salt. And thats it.

Product Research
  • “I feel like it cleans My teeth.” – Mary V. Kline
  • “In addition to no fluoride, this toothpaste says it has no glycerin, no artificial coloring, and no foaming agents.” – KmVictorian
  • “My family really likes this toothpaste, especially the cinnamon flavor.” – The Soldier’s Wife

ClayBrite Natural Toothpaste 3.20 Ounces
Zion Health

Contains natural minerals that help absorb bacteria that causes tooth decay, gum disease, and receding gums. Minerals also help neutralize acid in the mouth to effectively remove stains and whiten teeth.

  • “It has a very strong spearmint taste to it and it leaves your breath smelling great and your teeth feeling squeaky clean!” – M. B. Lucas
  • “I also like that it does not contain fluoride.” – Chlöe Mandel
  • “It’s not ‘foamy’ like some other natural toothpastes, but it does give a nice lather that is ‘just right’.” – Jolliana

Tpste,Claybrite Natural By Zion Health - 3.2 Oz, 2 Pack
Zion Health

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Zion Health Claybrite Extra Natural Mint Toothpaste, 3.2 oz
Zion Health

Claybrite Extra Natural Mint Toothpaste by Zion Health 3.2oz Paste Claybrite Extra Natural Mint Toothpaste 3.2oz Paste How it Works ClayBrite Extras magnetic minerals have a pulling action of a negative electrical charge drawing unwanted bacteria out of the gums.


Redmond Trading Earthpaste Amazingly Natural Toothpaste Lemon Twist – 4 oz. (113g) x 3 tubes. Redmond Trading Earthpaste Amazingly Natural Toothpaste Lemon Twist delivers all the benefits you expect from a toothpaste without any chemicals or unnatural additives.

Customer Reviews
  • “I just switched to organic toothpaste and I absolutely love this!” – J.
  • “The taste is fine.” – guru
  • “There’s no lead listing on the ingredients.” – Lisbet F.

Cattier Dentargile Remineralizing Clay Toothpaste

DENTARGILE use at least twice a day, after meals. Applying a dose of toothpaste on a toothbrush and brushing the exterior, the interior and the teeth on at least two minutes.

Redmond Earthpaste, Spearmint, 4 Ounce

Earth paste delivers all the benefits you expect from a toothpaste without any chemicals or unnatural additives.

Clay Toothpaste Reviews
  • “It has a good flavor and it doesn’t have harsh chemicals and foaming agents.” – Kim D
  • “I like the new experience of this toothpaste.” – Need2BOutside
  • “This toothpaste does have a wonderfully natural mint flavor, though.” – Emily

Cattier Dentargile Mint Refreshing

This remineralising toothpaste with clay and essential oil of organic mint freshens the breath and helps maintain healthy teeth and gums. Highly effective natural ingredients have been selected to protect and clean the teeth:

- Clay, a natural complex composition rich in minerals, strengthens the tooth enamel
- Sea salt and its trace elements tighten the gums and stimulate natural tooth cleaning
- Organic essential oil of mint, a purifying agent, lastingly freshens the breath.

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